American Idol Finalist | Majesty Rose | The Cleanse

It's SPRING CLEANING time and I've started to use this new product:

Dr. Bronner's Castille Soap


Does anyone know what that is? It sucks to put on your face. It burns. It tingles. And it leaves my pores feeling totally exposed. I'm also starting to break out because I hear that sometimes using new products can bring a lot of crap to the surface of your face. I have now experienced this first-hand and it's GROSS.

While cleansing my pimple-attacked face the other day, I began to think about the cleansing process. It's pretty intense. Like I said, one of the first steps of this is suffering through the pimples actually being shown. It's painful to look at. Hell- No one else wants to look at it. They say that if you suffer through it for a couple of weeks, it'll most likely clear right up and leave your skin smooth and flawless. The impurities will be no more!

Well I guess that's a little more comforting. Isn't that something? Just by simply having the knowledge that "the surfaced pimple stage" is the end can somehow comfort me... Hm.

I guess that's actually how I look at a lot of things in my life. Like Faith. Hope, even.

Trusting in something I can't see can seem crazy.

It reminds me of the one analogy about the Furnace:

In a fiery furnace the goldsmith will burn everything relentlessly. It all melts down everything into one lump. The process is lengthy, hot, and grueling as the the metal separates from the grime. Not to mention that all of the toxins and dirt rise to the top first... It bubbles like a Gremlin in water. All you can see is filth.

It's far from beauty.

At first glance, it's horror and the goldsmith is worried that he's out of his mind.

But it's right at the end of the process that he can clear away the dirt and see the beauty beneath. 

I'm feelin' like my life resembles this like ALL THE TIME! I'm not too pretty at first glance. I realize the flaws and try to hide. But now I choose to open myself to be corrected, perfected even. Now I really believe that the bad I see in me can easily be cleared away. It's the beginning of realizing the purity-- the good. 

I've struggled to give up on myself. "Majesty, why can't you just get it together?" -- "Majesty, you're pretty much a failure because your weaknesses are just too unacceptable." 


Weaknesses are a precursor to strength. They show us that God is at work. He's chasing after our refined character.

So it's right at the end...Right as you're ready to curl up in a fetal ball...

Unfold yourself.

Open up. 


The release is soon after and you'll be like Gold.