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Forever Young | My Leap Year Birthday Recap


It's been 4 long years. I was born February 29, 1992. So I'm guessing something went wrong in the creation story that Moses never told us about. Yeah... the part where the Moon got stuck and didn't turn when it was told? Who knows. 

My day was one to remember. 

Carla made me coffee. John made me breakfast. It was a chill morning. 

We played mini rummy and got a free mini pizza because I was special. 

And of course... Brownies.

I really liked this one. I've decided that I like birthdays anyway.

Birthdays force us to focus on intentional love.

There's no way around it. My friends know that I want to create a lifestyle of close-knit love between the ones who know me best. 


And then that night I somehow turned into a Spice Girl.

We went to one of our favorite restaurants downtown, Jay's Sushi and Burger Bar

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Funny part to the night: There was a random guy at my party who had the same exact birthday as I do. We were born on the same special day!