American Idol Finalist | Majesty Rose | 7 Things You Really Need To Remember

1. The Greatest Things Never Come Easy

This may be one of the more cliché statements you've heard recently but it definitely needs the attention it deserves. We're living in a time where everything comes at us fast. Everything's a click or a drive away. It's hard to know what we're actually working for...

What are your long terms dreams? It's got to be something better than Retirement.

2. You're Not An Accident

There's a reason why you're not me... and vice versa. You were actually carefully made with intricacies and purposes that only you can live up to. Forget your slip-ups for now.

You've got a destiny to fulfill. Only you can fill it!

3. You're Stronger Than You Think

No matter how much you scream, cry, and sink into your pillow with dread at night, you will never crumble. You're fortified with courage. You're created strong and capable of handling what you fear the most. And don't fear the stress... I hear that fear will kill you before the stress will. 

Let the pressure carry you through.

4. Never Compare Your Journey To Others

What is YOUR definition of success? Mine is:

  • Do the best with what you have where you are
  • Cause the ones closest to you to respect you the most
  • Stay faithful in the smallest deeds first

Comparison steals the joy of each day's possibility! Unfollow a few people on Instagram that just keep you tied up in comparing your story to their's. It's toxic to your destiny. Sorry Kylie Jenner, Victoria Secret Model Girl and all the others that make me feel like my life isn't amounting to much. It's the greatest lie. 


5. Another's Greatness Doesn't Take Away From Yours

"The issue is never 'Are You Qualified', the issue is always 'Are You Called?'" - Mark Batterson

Speaking on comparisons... THERE ARE NONE. This is probably the best piece of wisdom I've heard recently: We can all be GREAT together - and none of us take from anyone else's GREATNESS.

6. It's Almost Impossible To Fail

With God, it's impossible to fail. Failure is actually just when you quit and choose to be a victim. 

Success is obedience to what you heard God say. 

Then you're done.

In my 2-year American Idol saga, I was so conscience of the choices I made. One could say maybe TOO conscience... But I don't regret one thing. I heard clearly what I was supposed to do. I knew who I was to be... And I could rest in that obedience when I was sent home. It wasn't failure at all. It was success in the best way. It was impossible to mis-step when I was constantly resting in the voice of someone greater than anyone else's around me.

7. Celebrities Have Problems Too - Sometimes More...

Haven't you noticed? With great responsibility comes a lot of crap. 

There's a reason why there's that one scripture that says "Too whom much is given, much is required." So I'd think twice about envying people you think have all you want. Be happy where you are... I'm enjoying just sitting in my room for now. Tour was crazy and I got a glimpse of the stress that can come from being known and looked up to. It was one of the hardest things to constantly have on my back. 

In that arena you either become a narcissist or an underground mole. 

I've also heard that the most insecure people are Models. MODELS. And you think, "What the heck? I thought they were supposed to be perfect." Well that's just it. 

As I wrote this blog, I found myself being inspired by a book I read years ago called The Circle Maker. Wanna give Mark Batterson creds for bringing me back to that faithful place. 

Love, Majesty

photos by @TheTawnst