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I Am In Desperate Need of the Sunlight

Carla got me this book called "The 52 Lists Project". Well it's really a journal. A year of weekly journaling inspiration to keep tabs on things that make us uniquely US. For example: Favorite Memories, 2016 Goals, and What Makes Us Feel Healthy and Whole. 

It's a sweet little thing.

I find myself pondering on my answers while sitting in church, for some reason. Sorry Pastor! I guess I just get caught up in soul-searchin'. 


This week was a fun one:

List All The People That Brighten Your Day

I Am In Desperate Need of the Sunlight

When it's dull outside for any more than 3 days I start to fall apart. I ruminate on my problems. I'll be the closest possible to falling into a depression when BAM I spot a ray of sunlight at last. I breathe a sigh of relief as the sun warms my cheek and calms my restless heart. 


I need my friends to shine for me. 

They have no idea how their joy is so needed (not just for them) but so I am able to gaze upon what the good Lord is doing on the faces of the ones He's given Life to. 

I need them to shine. 

I need them to brighten my days because MAN life is hard.  It gets dull and too unpredictable. 

Praise God for the these certain people who bring the Light with them.

They're awake and alive and contagious. 

(besides John and Carla)

  1. Joey 
  2. Joel
  3. Leia
  4. Blake 
  5. Kevin