American Idol Finalist | Majesty Rose | Confessions of an American Idol Artist

First let me start off by saying, I am SO GRATEFUL to have had my American Idol Experience. I got to go on Tour and met a lot of cool people that I'll be friends with for quite some time. IRREPLACEABLE

NOW LETS GET REAL - American Idol was seriously one of the hardest things I've ever done. And returning home after the show (and the hype) was a bit alarming, to say the least. I've had some great success after but it's definitely been by my own determination. I'm basically a struggling artist. My friends and I are all believing that this can be something great so we work hard to grow MAJESTY ROSE MUSIC (my personal business where we manage my concerts details). It's so legit!

This year, I'm doing something daring. My Debut Ep, Bloom, will be released very soon. It's a 5-song emotional roller coaster and my band and I are SO PROUD of what its become. 

The challenge is that.... **Drum Roll Please, Matt

I've decided NOT to release a full length album until I get signed by a trusted agency. 

I know. Craziness.


I'm challenging the atmosphere with this! I will only put together 5-Song EP's from now until then. Because I want YOU, my fans (friends) to find the perfect agent for me! I want you guys to show me that you enjoy what I do through Social Media, Youtube, and my Live Shows. 

And you know what... I'm doing this because I've become a frickin' AMAZING artist throughout this process of becoming. And it's not going to stop here. 

I'm getting spunkier.

More individualized. 

And more daring.

My 2016 Wish 

My Wish is that I'll be confident in my position in the industry. I want to be satisfied and dependent on the goodness of God while I'm becoming who I'm meant to be as an artist. I want balance man. So bad.

And I want to appreciate each concert, each fan, each comment and smile I get from my followers. I want to make it. I want to make it with you. Through you. 

And it'll be a great story to tell... That I wasn't another American Idol statistic. That my hard work, talent, and destiny was made known.


Use the hashtag #SignMajestyRose and show me and Agencies out there what you love about my band and I!

I'm always writing and creating something and I want you all to hear it! NO LIE - In 2015, my band and I probably worked the hardest we could at booking shows, writing songs, performing, and handling all the serious business... But in order to continue this on a greater scale...


You In?

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