American Idol Finalist | Majesty Rose | Personality Test

Just took the 16 Personalities Test. We all did one in Bible Study, which was really cool. My Title came out as PROTAGONIST (ENFJ). I'm the Leader who has a natural confidence and effects everyone I come in contact with. But you know- I feel like I know myself pretty well already, actually. I'd say I'm the type that is:

  • Stuck Up
  • Self-Absorbed
  • Attention-Seeking...

Is that me? Oh wait, sorry. Wrong list. 

I think sometimes I label myself from what I feel others think about me. Don't we all from time to time, pull out that "other list"? We have that one playing in our minds throughout the day like an annoying song. It plays on repeat and we march to its drum. Everything we do flows from the negativity we let seep into our souls. 

Don't get me wrong. There's a strength that comes from knowing your faults and working towards a better 'YOU'. I have strong people in my life who are quick to let me know when there's something in me that can screw up my goals I've worked so hard for within myself.

But then there's this other group of people. WHO THE FRICK ARE THEY? They're the judges in your school cafeteria, your work corner, your Instagram followers... They're the ones that often set the tone for the way we walk through our day. How dumb does that sound? It's like we're living for an audience contained of all the imaginary possible people we could ever think to impress. We twist our actions in response to their every possible insults. We hate who they've made us become yet we keep them around us and perform each day. 

It's hard to say whether this 16 Personalities Test is actually accurate or not. Don't we become who we let ourselves become? Aren't we labeled so concretely by the environments we've adapted to? The experiences we've unfortunately lived through? That's got me stumped. However:

I'm convinced that who I am today would have never been if I hadn't made a conscience and spiritual decision to retract my thought patterns and be guided not by negativity but encouragement.

My best friend, Carla, is an intellectual nutcase. One day she was journaling about encouragement, and being the smarty pants that she is, I guess she was trying to come up with some intellectual way to make encouragement make more sense to her intellectual heart (well at least that's how I see it). She said, "To encourage is to literally pull the good out of a person. Just as the prefix EN means 'within, in', when we encourage others (or ourselves) we are calling out the good that's already within the person. We're bringing the courage to the surface."

We are pulling the needed courage OUT not embedding negative thoughts IN.

This weekend, let's drench ourselves with EN-couragement! Let our personalities fall in line with Truth. Instead of mulling over the negative things that could drag us down, allow the COURAGE to be drawn from within ourselves.

Today I am:

  • Fearless

I will not be afraid to walk down the aisle of my school cafeteria or work place hallway. Let the imaginary voices dissipate.

  • Balanced

I will focus on what matters. Staying within the boundaries of Truth... remembering that "I can never be too much or too little." -One of Carla's favorite quotes

  • Thoughtful

I will look up and see beauty and life in the people and world around me. I'll only glance at my phone if it actually makes a noise. *That's another Blog for another Day*

Find your own encouraging words today! What will you bring to the surface?