American Idol Finalist | Majesty Rose | In My Purse

I'm searching for my homemade Chapstick, Brittani's housewife (Kevin) made for me, and I'm surprised by how much I've collected in my purse in such a short amount of time. Don't worry I'll spare you the 'allergy tissue wad' and 'once-a-month' details...

Here's what's floating in my Treasure Box this week:

+ Grocery List - I get the same thing every week but I always to seems get confused and forget what I actually need on the way to Harris Teeter. Or maybe I'm just tricking myself into thinking I forgot because I'd like to slowly drift over to the baked goods aisle. Anyway, I keep a list now. 

  • Bleu Cheese: Used to hate this until I paired it with the right ingredients. I guess that's what grownups do.
  • Spring Mix (Kale, Spinach, etc): A much needed, once-a-day type meal
  • Farmer's Market Eggs: Fresh NON GMO Eggs for half the price!
  • Dried Cranberries

+ Altoids Box - I keep my money cards in this. Literally every cashier who sees compliments me. How creative and broke I may seem. It comes in handy though! I haven't had a real wallet in almost 3 years.

  • Debit/ID Cards
  • Foreign Coins (from Belize and My Beloved Haiti...)
  • Hair Pins

+ Great Harvest Rewards Card - Can't leave without it! Great Harvest is probably mine and my friends' favorite lunch spot. They serve fresh food and the girthiest bread I've ever pummeled my face into. Not to mention that they give you free samples every time you come! A sugar fein's dream come true... If you're from my hometown, did you know that they've upgraded their rewards system? Download the app and you can get more rewards! Click the SOURCE button below. I sound like a salesperson. Holla!

+ My Favorite Pen - This sounds silly but this is the item that better not leave my purse for too long. I journal probably every other day. The first page of the journal I'm using now is actually me ranting about how much of a bad day I was having... (pathetic Maj). Aside from that, I was even MORE upset about the status of the ink I was using. Could it have picked a better day to run out of ink?! My goodness, it made me cut my entry short resulting in a bunch of bottled up feelings! So there's something to be said about a faithful pen that's there for you on those crazy, unclear days, journaling days. The last thing I would want is to worry about is a dry pen!

+ Touch Up Supplies - No one wants to leave the house looking great just to return to look in the mirror and see that all your hard work has slowly been overtaken by sweat and the oil your face decided to create throughout the day. Bring some Touch Ups with you when you're out! This is what I would recommend keeping in your treasure box.

  • Blot Sheets - Great for blotting oil and sweat that collects in the creases of your done-up face
  • MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Powder - To blend any mess-ups that might have happened without your consent. Just an all-around great item to have if you wear makeup often.
  • Good Lip Balm - Kevin made me a great homemade one out of Lemon and Lavender. But hey, there are a lot of great ones out there! Find an alcohol-free one so your lips will stay moist fa' days.
  • DOTERRA Clearskin Topical Blend- You know those days when you feel a pimple on... It's like a mini torture session when you can't just run and cleanse your entire face. Whenever you get that feeling, rub some of this on it real quick and it should go down within the next day! Not unless you drink a lot of soda. Can't help you there... 

Thanks Brittani!

This all reminds me that I really should clean out my purse.