American Idol Finalist | Majesty Rose | Get Over Yourself

This Thanksgiving I could give a crap about the Turkey I'm about to eat. This Thanksgiving, I'm not about that sweet potato pie life. 

This Thanksgiving, let's be real: Most of us are probably going to sit around all day, watch a parade and maybe a sports game, consume unnecessary calories that we'll start to complain about by January and talk about the latest sales we're looking forward to. #BlackFridaysMatter

I want to get over myself! I eat everyday. I laze around everyday. I talk about my opinions with friends and family EVERYDAY. I mean seriously, The View comes on like everyday... Give us a break.

This year I did something different. I've been hanging out with a few friends who like to get over themselves every once in a while and give their time and money to some people in real need. Turns out that poverty is all too real in our communities. There are way too many kids who eat only on school days and families who are barely making it to the end of the month.

So this is what they did: (click photo to scroll)

They put their resources together to make 141 bags of Thanksgiving Dinners for 141 struggling families, full of Turkey, Yams, Corn, Green Beans, Stuffing, Rolls, a Dessert, and that weird slimy cranberry mush. 

What a breath of fresh air.

Believe me, there is much more work to be done but I'm challenged by the obedience and selflessness of my friends.

Gateway Community Church is just one avenue of giving. At this point, it doesn't really matter what we tend to think about "organized religion" or faith-based communities. I think we all can agree that there's much to be done for our brothers and sisters in need... especially at a time where we clearly have more than enough.

Let's share this year.  

Have a great Thanksgiving!

Tread lightly around the pies. You'll regret it.

**No Food Lion employees were harmed in the process of purchasing Thanksgiving items. Although they may have been slightly pissed and caught off guard.