American Idol Finalist | Majesty Rose | Bonjou Haiti


We'll leave. We'll leave our families, our comfort, and our daily routines. We'll say "Au revior" to the comfortable lives we've set up. 

And you know- We'll leave our lavish lives behind. Gladly. 

A lot of people ask us why we go. -- "Oh, you guys are going on a mission trip? ...With a mission team?" -- "Why would you be so excited to go to Haiti?" -- "What is there to see in Haiti?"

No, it's no "mission trip". I think my whole life is a mission. 

PERSPECTIVE - One word that explains most of it. 

In Haiti we can see our own lives more clearly. With every stale breath of air, lukewarm shower, and dirt-coated eyelid we experience, we dig a little deeper into gratitude. The daily potential dangers take a jab at the pride of our seemingly entitled safety.

There is no 911. No counseling. No nearby educated doctor. No safe shoulder to lean on. No loans. No refuge from storms. No second chances. No grace. 

With the natural eye, it's a hole of hopelessness. The sun shows no mercy and the water is poison to our fragile stomachs. 

Yet we feel the excitement churning within us to leave what we know. We want to see what it's like to sleep under the stars of a roof that isn't our home. We'll take a day to walk in the shoes of our Haitian friends who eat one small meal a day... Who work for a little bit of money to support their families... Who grew up in orphanages where the American leader was no trusted caregiver.

We want to hear their stories of the Quake... The one where they all walked the soiled streets of Port Au Prince for months, pulling people out of rubble, barely breathing... the street, "Santos", where people set up tents to live for lack of 7.0 Magnitude repair. Six years later.

I don't want to be me there. I want to be THEM. I want to feel it and know it so well. I want to sweat and rip my shoes from the harsh ground. I want to struggle for my next chance of sustainability. I want to fear the night with them.. And tremble when the big white cars with big white men drive by.

I'll never be me again. I don't want to return the same! I want PERSPECTIVE.

So I will gladly leave. 

Enjoy our photos of our last trip to Haiti. 

Prayers Up!

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