American Idol Finalist | Majesty Rose | Welcome Back

Welcome Home. Oh, how we've missed you. 

You were gone for a while and we started to worry. We actually started to think you were lost. We started to wonder if you ever loved us at all. Our love hasn't changed. We've been waiting patiently for your return. The time it took for you to come back was the same exact time it took when we left on our own.

It was frightening. You were wandering in a foreign place. The mindset of depression - of doubt. The clouds followed as you drifted in and out. The waves of chaos took you further than you imagined... It looked appealing before but the dream quickly turned into a nightmare. The turns you took made the path look foggy. The fear hovered like an old sad song - whining the tune you once dreaded. It took you back to the place where self-harm lingered -- where love was absent -- where answers faded.

You swayed at the sounds of wonder. "La Di Da Di Da..." Your arms trailed behind you, stretched out to the side of the path's wall -- being pricked and slowly tangled into the vines of harm. It began to wrap you like a bow.

Up your arm and to the sides of your chest -- Cleaving to your lifeline -

You were now vexed.

But the depressed only become more depressed.

The race was now a faint memory. The road looked jagged and worn. The vines had your heart tattered and more torn.

And we mourned.

WE CALLED UP TO YOU. We cried for your existence. 

We stayed posted at the EXIT. Sent a light out for your expectance. 

The winds changed and we excepted... that 

Only the ones who choose Life will be protected.

So today we celebrate you! Because you caught a glimpse of the Light we lifted. You held tight to your convictions! Arms brought in close, you stood firm in your position. Now you know that your heart was already gifted with a Love that mends it.

We welcome you. Because we too were lost in our afflictions. We're ashamed of how we drifted.

And we've come far from the wilderness.