American Idol Finalist | Majesty Rose | If

Wrote this little... "thingy" back in 2011. Can someone say WOW. I was such a little Evangelistic baby.


Be reflective today. Open up. 


If you heard someone died in your place before you born, would you even think of denying them? If you heard they were beat and spit on for trying to rescue you, wouldn’t you want to love them? And maybe if it even looked  like it could be real, wouldn’t you still try to get to know Him?

Wouldn't you trust Him?

Wouldn’t you search for Him? ...To show Him your gratitude?

To ask questions and make it right between you two?

…because you weren’t there.

…you wouldn’t know.

…because it COULD be true.

JUST IF: At just the right time, before you were here, you were thought of. Someone was anticipating your fall.

Yes, that FALL.

So He chose to stand in the gap...

So IF He did this, what would you do?

IF this is true what would you do?

IF it were true but you would never get to find out until time is run out...

Or until He chooses to tell you.

IF He actually loves you enough to do this what are you going to do?

Will you go day to day without giving him thanks?

Would you live in vain?

Will you beat and spit on Him too?

Why would you?


But you do.


IF, just if, this were true..

What will you do?